10 Tips to Exercise Your Dog and Keep Him Happy

Ways to Exercise Your Dog When You Are Busy

10 Tips to Exercise Your Dog and Keep Him Happy
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If you either own or are looking to own a dog, but run a busy schedule here are 10 wonderful ways to keep them happy and well exercised. Dogs are very energetic creatures. Not exercising your dog can lead to many health problems. It's easy to avoid these health problems, just follow the tips below.

Why keeping your dog fit is important?

Dogs are very energetic creatures. Not exercising your dog can lead to many health problems like obesity, increased risk of torn ligaments, back problems, cardiac problems, difficulty breathing, increased surgical risks, skin problems, whelping problems and a possible increase in risk for some cancers. Lack of stamina can cause a dog to have a heat stroke because its body can not handle heat like it should. This can stop dogs from enjoying many physical activities.

10 Ways to Exercise Your Dogs on a Busy Schedule

1. Run your dog up and down the stairs.

If you own a set of stairs anywhere in your house this could be a great fun way to exercise both you and your dog. If your dog seems to be having trouble start out slow and work your way up each session. If you are not keen to running up and down the stairs with your dog use one of his/her favorite toys and sit at the top of the stairs. throw the toy to the bottom and watch your dog retrieve it. once it has the toy call it back up and repeat until you see fit.

2. Set up obstacle courses.

This one could be fun and also used for training purposes.

Set up obstacles around the house using common items such as couches, chairs, or even things like hula-hoops. Have your dog chase his/her favorite toy and watch them run around with joy. Your dog could be the next 1st place winner in a dog show.

3. Make your dog work for its treats.

Motivation is everything. Get out your dogs favorite treats and have it preform various tasks to get them. This could be used for the stair exercise as well if your dog isn't motivated for the toy. Hide the treats around the house like behind doors, undertables to keep it active and entertained.

4. Keep away and fetch.

Engage your dog in a good old fashioned game of fetch and keep away. These games keep your dog engaged, active, and help to release pent up energy.

5. Get your dog on the treadmill.

If you own a treadmill why not let your dog use it? Keep a treat or toy in front of your dog and turn on the treadmill. you can sit back and watch while your dog gets the exercise it needs. Don't forget to reward him/her after.

6. Tug of War—But Be Aware of the Risks

This is my dogs favorite game to play. it definitely gives us both a work out. just find a rope or toy and let the fun begin. but be wary of your surroundings because things could get a little out of hand. You need to have control over your dog's power and instincts before you can engage in a healthy game of tug of war with them.

7. Hide-and-seek

I loved this game when I was a kid and its even more fun with your dog. Just hide and give your dog time to run around and sniff you out. Its always fun to jump out and see the joy on your dogs face when it finds you. This isn't just a 2 player game you could play with your whole family. Have everyone hide and take turns calling his/her name. But always give your dog something in reward. They need  sense of accomplishment just like you do.

8. Give Your Dog a Job

Teach your dog to pick up things around the house. Like clothes or toys. teaching your dog to clean up after itself is wonderful discipline and exercise. Dogs enjoy doing things and learning and I think this would be fun for you both. It will make doing household chores fun and keep your dog occupied.

9. Playmates

Some dogs are very social, while others aren't. Its your job to know what's best for your dog. Playing with others is a great way to let your dog run free and have fun. It lets them play and exercise the way they chose.

10. Laser Pointers

If you own one of these you know it can be very fun to use with your dog. watching them try to catch the dot is very funny. but caution do not point the laser into your dogs eyes or it could cause irritation or even eye sight damage.

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