Tips on How to Pick up a Cat the Right Way

How to pick up a cat properly

Tips on How to Pick up a Cat the Right Way
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Cats are adorable pets, however, they can become very moody at times especially, when you are trying to pick them up, they can scratch, bite and swing around in your arm if not picked up properly. Here are a few simple tips on how to pick up a cat like a pro.

Do you have cats? Having trouble picking up your cat without being scratched? Today I will share with you a few practical tips on how to pick up a cat like a pro.

Being a cat owner is one of the most rewarding things for most pet lovers, however, owner and cat relationships can easily become "scratchy" especially, when you have to take little "kitty" for a walk outside. 

The Approach 

Most folks approach their cats without putting no thought into it . Remember cats can be like humans sometimes, very moody, your approach must be correct to avoid scratches and to ensure that you are comfortable and the cat is safe.

When you're approaching a cat, the first thing you must do is to introduce yourself, as mention before, cats can be  very moody, so it does not matter if the cat knows you very well, let them sniff your hand for a while, keep your  fingers curled a little bit so, if the cat doesn't really appreciate your company she can't really chomp you when your fingers are curled. 

To introduce yourself, give them a little bit of a scratch just on the side of the face or a little tickle under the chin which would be enough to relax "kitty". If patting on the cat is all you want to do just, remember that cats can spook very easily so, pat and tickle gently. 

Picking up the Cat

Most people try to pick up cats without first introducing them self and that's where we get into trouble. The key to picking up a cat safely is to make them feel supported.

It's recommended that you always pick up a cat with one hand under the chest and the other under the abdomen, at this point you can now safely lift the cat without it being hanging down or flopping around. Now you can safely carry the cat without being at risk of scratches and bites, in this position "little kitty" wouldn't try to get away while you are carrying her around.

Even so often when a cat is left to swing free in your arm it'll often start to scramble for balance with their hind legs, these legs can quite easily cause a bit of damage to your arm. So, make sure you support the cat correctly with your hands.

Cat Trying to get away?

If you have a cat who's trying to get away from you it's recommended that you always squish that cat especially,  if you're trying to hold the cat down to trim their nails or to give them a pill or whether you just want the cat not run off for a moment. 

Squishing the cat is all you need to know about cat restraint they will feel very secure even if they're really scared. Alternatively, you can use a towel handy as a restraint tool, which is one of the best cat restraint tools around,  just throw the towel over the cat and squish over the towel,  that way you won't get scratch even if the cat is scrambling about.   


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