How To Care Budgerigar Parrot

Budgerigar Parrot - Interesting & Useful Info/Expereince To Share

How To Care Budgerigar Parrot
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Budgerigars are known as one of the lovely and easy to care pets because of their socialization attitudes. This article provides you interesting aspects to Birds lovers especially for those who love to pet this cute and Social Birdie.

•Budgerigars are Australian Parrot

These birdies are Australians but now easily available around the globe. These parrots are easily available in birds markets and are in high demand because of their beautiful colors as well as fast breeding abilities. These Budgerigars are not only cost effective but also the probable source of flawless earnings if a bird lover just feeds them and clean their cages or aviaries properly.

It is highly advisable for novices to get all necessary information about these birds so that these tiny living things could be nurtured properly. Here are some useful info that are gathered from different sources i.e. these tiny birds are highly sensitive for breeding. They stop their breeding and start breaking their eggs or expel them from the nest if they encounter any irritating activities or issues.

Although, it is hard to explore the whole list of causes but as per the experience & info, some selected causes are jot down here, such as:

  • If anybody keeps watching or checking their nests with purpose or without any purpose
  • If they see some mice or rats
  • If they encounter with cats or any other type of disturbing animal
  • If they don’t get attention on cleaning
  • If they don’t get proper feeding and drinking water
  • If their seeds and water are given in filthy pots, etc.

Therefore, if a bird lover wants to see these birdies in good health, chirping, and playing; so there is a need to pay strict attentions on the above-provided issues to ensure best results.

•Are Budgerigars Parakeets

Besides, people pronounce these birds with different names such as “parakeets” although the word parakeets for Budgerigar may arise some questions, but that term usually refers to those tiny parrots that have trails with the long feather. Besides, there are other names or synonyms of Budgerigar that could be come across i.e. canary parrot, lovebird, zebra parrot, budgrie, shell parakeet, etc. But remember in United States Budgerigar are pronounced as parakeets, simple is that!

•Cages & Aviaries

Please note, putting these colorful birds in small cages could be harmful to their health because it has been noticed that these birds don’t breed in congested places so big space with proper nesting arrangements are highly recommended for reasonable growth in population. Another aspect that should be heed, these birdies are very flexible in eating, what you give them as food, they take. In simple words, these birds know very well that how to adjust themselves, according to the circumstances. But it is not good practice to treat these tiny creatures in such a way. You must provide them their beloved foods. In big cage, these birdies are easy to fly; it should be noted that they keep stretching themselves, periodically. And these activities are the symbol of good health and active behaviors, so you should arrange big space for them.

•A Social Birdie

After having the versatile experiences and different info, it could easily be stated that these birds are social animal; therefore, please always buy and keep them in pairs to ensure their activeness and happiness inside the cages. But you should heed on proper pairing, not just pairing because if you put several females with fewer males, you will get trouble because of lethal fights among them. Plus point is that you can train them but with limitations during the captivity.

•Health Issues

There are lots of health issues that budgerigars may encounter in captivity such as “splay legs,” that is considered as one of the common health concern. This issue usually happens due to the slick floor, when you don’t pay attention to proper bedding in next boxes. To ensure proper bedding, you just need to put some tweaks, cotton or leaves inside the cage; rest will be done by these birdies on do-it-yourself (DIY) basis, sound crazy! But it happens, just try. Besides, there are also several types of health concerns that you may experience such as Scaly Face and Scaly Legs, Tumor, Psittacosis, Goiter and Bumblefoot, etc. but here no any tips or trick will be given to tackle these sensitive health issues, because the causes of these issues could be vary, so you should consult with animal doctor on urgent basis, it is the only suggestion that could be given here.

To ensure good health, super breeding, and active playing, healthy diet is inevitable because healthy and nutritious diets not only ensure good health but also strengthen their immune system. You can give vegetables, grains, nuts and Legumes with the blend of some extra stuff such as mineral block and seashell powder, etc.


Please never give any type of food that contains lactose. You should always avoid to give them sprouts, chocolate, grapefruits, garlic, and potatoes, etc. otherwise you birdies health could be in jeopardy. Please always talk with professionals and experience holders to get updated and useful information.

Please note, if you want to add something new or show your difference here, please add your info and concerns, you are welcome here.



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