Choosing The Perfect Dog

In spite of the title of this article, just as there is no such thing as a perfect human, no perfect dog exists The closest you can get to finding the perfect dog, is to choose one that’s best for you

In spite of the title of this article, just as there is no such thing as a perfect human, no perfect dog exists The closest you can get to finding the perfect dog, is to choose one that’s best for you

What I find strange, is when most dog owners believe that their dog’s personality is distinct and unique. Sometimes, even if they own two dogs of the same breed, and perhaps even from the same litter, they’ll say each dog has a personality all his own. And off course, they’ll be right. Yet many of those same people believe that the breed determines dog’s personality. They’ll say things like “Golden Labradors don’t bite,” or “Pit Bulls are savage brutes.” And they’ll be wrong as well, Like that of a child, A dog’s personality is determined more by it’s owner’s, (parents) “nurture.” A Golden Labrador, depending on how he’s raised, will bite and be vicious; while a Pit Bull will be a gentle coward.

While It’s true that dogs of a certain breed may share some behavioral characteristics, (e.g., most Labrador Retrievers love swimming and are absolutely crazy about fetching a ball). There are exceptions to every rule, but understanding behavioral (as well as physical) characteristics, will help you to decide on a dog that will most likely be a great fit for you and your lifestyle.

We’ll cover that later in the series.

Be Clear Headed When Choosing An Adult dog Or Puppy

Looking beyond the breed's characteristics and choosing a dog based on it’s individual personality is a very important, and often overlooked step in finding a dog that’s best for you and your family. Remember to keep an open mind about what type of dog to pick until after you’ve done your research. You and also your soon-to-be best friend will be so much happier with the results.

What is it to be, a puppy or an adult dog? This is the first critical decision you need to make before picking a dog. At all cost, give this some serious thought. If you do, your final decision may just surprise you. Most people don’t even consider an adult dog option—they just go out and grab an adorable, cute!, fun!, puppy. Just the sound of the word “puppy” makes people feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But, just maybe, you should at least consider the benefits of an adult dog before making your choice.

The habits, manners, and temperament of an adult dog of (at least two years old) are already established and easy for you to assess. Most dog rescue groups, adoption services, shelters etc., will allow you to take a dog on a temporary or trial basis. You can take him to your home for a few days to see if his personality is compatible with you and your family and other pets if you have any, what I’m saying is, you can find out if the dog fits what you’re looking for in a furry companion. If not, you can usually take him back. With a puppy, on the other hand, you won’t necessarily know what kind of dog he will turn out to be, because this will depend very much on you and the time you spend with him.

A Rescued Dog Has To Be A Constant A Labour Of Love.

Adult dogs typically require much less care, attention and training than puppies. An adult dog doesn’t need to go to the bathroom as often as a puppy. They are usually house-trained, and often know the difference between a chewy toy and a your favorite pair of shoes (often?). An adopted adult dog may be an ideal “out of the box” companion that is so well trained, affectionate and “perfect” that you’ll wonder how anyone could have given him up. But there is the possibility of the other extreme, as well. Each dog is unique. (Hence the importance of the temp adoption period.)

Unfortunately adult dogs are less likely to be adopted from shelters than puppies. If you actually want to rescue a dog, picking an older one is far more likely to save a life.
The key to finding a good adult dog is to take plenty of time evaluating his habits, behavior, and personality. Proper training can correct many bad habits and teach good new ones (yes, you most certainly can teach an old dog new tricks!); but sadly, not all bad behavior can be overcome.

A Lump Of Puppy Clay

A puppy, on the other hand, is like a lump of clay, just waiting to be molded by you. You can raise him to be your ideal companion. This, of course, presumes you have the time and are willing to learn how to train a dog properly as well as having the sincere desire to do so. But since you’re reading this article I know you’re one of those rare humans who realize what’s involved and are willing to go through it anyway—and that whatever pooch you bring home is going to be one lucky, well-trained, well-adjusted dog!

NOTE: Keep this in mind: An adorable puppy will become an adolescent dog within a few months; that adolescent will quickly become an adult dog that can live from 10 to 20 years. So when considering a puppy, put a lot of thought into the grown dog it will become, and the long-term commitment you will have to make.
All adult dogs were once adorable puppies, and all adorable puppies will grow into adult dogs.

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