Mental Illness or Selfishness Kills Pet?

Dogs are canine creatures that are cross bred with domesticated dogs over many years of cross breeding from wild animals such as the wolf.  There are all types of dogs. Pedigree dog, hunting dogs, house dogs, show dogs are types of pet animals that become money making animals through breeding, or find a place as a family member.  The adage, "Dogs is man's best friend", has echoed for centuries. Dog owners can contest that often their pets are as good as best friends and or like a child to them.  When a pet's life is in danger, any owner feels distress.

 Both young and older dogs are famous for being playful, as well as, protective.  Older dogs seem to be especially loving, while younger dogs, like children, will lash out with unfavorable treatment, discomfort or their needs to be met with ocassional barking or yipping.  One thing that is common for any pet is that they cannot make decisions on whether they live or die.

When people are bad at decision-making, it is sometimes the way they were trained to think and or react. It could have something to do with their environment and life choices previously that did not lead to successful outcomes.  A lonely person and or young person who grows up defying the authority of a parent or parents, especially young males raised by mothers who may not listen to their mother's directions that were sensible, may find it difficult to listen to the voice of reason as they mature.

What would make a man of 47 years of age, who claims that his best find is a pet dog, kill the pet because he feels harrassed by the building management company of his housing and or neighbor that claims his dog barks?  This is exactly what happened to a 47 year old soap opera actor in his real life. Even more, the actor committed suicide because of the situation of the death of the dog.

Nick Santino who was born in Brooklyn, NY committed suicide on January 25, 2012 after he felt guilty that he euthanized his pet bull named Rocco the day before because someone made a complaint to the mangement of his building that the dog was a barker and management threatened Santino with a $250.00 fine.  Being reported in the media about the case is that a neighbor named Kevan Cleary said about Santino's dog is, "the dog was not a barker, but somebody complained that the dog would bark."  Nick Santino who appeared seven times on "All My Children" and six times on the "Guiding Light",  thought of a plan to rectify the situation.

On January 24th, the day of Santino's 47th birthday, he had the dog euthanized to satisfy the situation.  Euthanized.  He never took into account that maybe he could give the dog away to a facility that finds homes for pets? He killed his healthy young dog intentionally instead? What would be the reason for someone to make such an irrational decision? Or selfish one?

Apparently, Santino regretted his final decision and continued to make unfair and or irrational ones. The next day, Wednesday, Santino phoned a former girlfriend at 2 in the morning, depressed about what he had done and or perhaps explaining to her what he was going to do because of what he had done to his "beloved" pet.  Lat that afternoon, police found Santino's dead body.  He overdosed on pills.  Is this a case of mental illness?  What do you think?
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