How to Buy the Best Puppy for Yourself

If you are now ready to take in a new pet dog, here are some pointers to help you choose your new pet puppy.

If you are now ready to take in a new pet dog, here are some pointers to help you choose your new pet puppy.

Visit only reputable dog breeders and ask to see as many puppies as you possibly can. Find a puppy with good temperament aside from its good physical condition because you'll be living with your dog for many years. It is crucial to know lineage of the puppy you plan to adopt or buy. If it's possible, see and observe the parents of the puppy yourself; observe their friendliness, their energy, and their condition. Inquire if they are easy to train and how they behave around the house. Genetic traits are important to observe.

Ask to see the whole litter at a time if possible.

This may be understandably overwhelming, seeing all frisky little balls of fur. Check which one is smartest puppy and to which would you like the most. It can be difficult to tell. Sometimes the friendliest ones may not necessarily be the strongest friend in the long run. One may be an absolute little troublemaker, some others are reserved and coy. Curiosity has long been considered a fairly good measurement of intelligence, yet it isn't a definite guide in gauging the very young pup.

The chief factor, then, is to find a puppy of excellent lineage and one with visible healthy energy. The healthy puppy is cheerful but not nervous or hyperactive. Check for clean and bright eyes clean, the coat should be shiny, the nose has clean from any mucous discharge, and with healthy-looking skin. The dog's ears should be responsive responds when you talk to him or if you make a sound. The low-spirited, cowering pup should not be immediately disposed as mentally retarded. It may not be feeling well due to, possibly, a needed worming or medication. If you feel a fondness on a puppy of this type, it is advisable not take him yet. Instead, ask the breeder to get him in tip-top condition, and then visit him later.

It can be very discouraging to be forced to medicate a puppy the moment you take him home. It should not be necessary, and it will not be when you insist on a dog with perfect health upon purchase. Perfect health implies two things: that the puppy is in good health at the present moment, and that he has not been exposed to whatsoever disease or form of infection which could break out in a few days.

Everything else depends on taste entirely. Other people favor a dog with a long tail, others opt for a dog with a short one. Some like upright ears, some like droopy ears. Some want long fur, some short, while larger sizes appeal to many, and the average and toy sizes to other people. Fur color choice also depends on taste, and there is a great deal of shades from which to choose from.

Think of creating a list of your preferences in a dog, then research on diverse dog breeds. See if you could find one which meets your tastes. In the end, the pet that will please you is the one you wish for. This will be your friend and pet whom you'll live with for the next decade or so. Acquire the pet whose appearance delights you; do not allow anybody to decide for you. And remember that size, sex, and fur type will dictate, to an extent, the kind of pet care you should give.


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