Introducing the Salt Water Crocodile

A great predator from the Animal world

The salt water crocodile is the most ferocious of the aquatic reptiles and is known to have attacked humans. The crocodile infest the swamps and mangroves in South East sia

The crocodile is a reptile that is by itself a hideous beast. They look good ina zoo, but ere one was to come face to face with it, it can be a terrible experience. Most crocodiles that infest the rivers and lakes are the fresh water variety and they are not so dangerous. The close kin of the crocodile is the alligator, which is always a fresh water species. Fresh water alligators throng the Indian rivers and lakes. This species is encountered in all rivers.

The salt water crocodile is however a class by itself.

It grows to a length of 25-30 feet and is a predator of all kinds of meat. Interestingly females of this species are much smaller at about 15-20 feet length. The crocodiles when fully grown can weigh up to 3000 Lbs. Humans who have encountered this species have ended up as their prey..

The saltwater crocodile inhabits South East Asia, mostly the swamps and mangroves in Burma, Malaya, Thailand and the Philippines.  The Crocodylus Porosus is the technical name of this species of crocodile.   The saltwater crocodile is found in the East coast of India also. It is a distinct species from the alligator, which is more common in India. The largest concentration of saltwater crocodiles is in Burma along the swamps of the West Coast close to Akyab. Vast numbers of these predators inhabit the coasts of Australia and many humans have reported encounters with these reptiles. It is recorded that 2 or 3 humans are prêt to these predators in Australia every year. Vast numbers of these crocodiles also inhabit the Amazon Basin in South America and thus navigating this river is often a hazardous task.

The salt water crocodile rules the roost in the mangroves and swamps and feeds on all animals and fish that come its way.  Many a time fishermen have been received by this reptile hiding in the swamps and fallen prey to this predator. The largest known attack of these predators was in World War II in an island of the coast of Burma, when fleeing Japanese soldiers to escape the British Indian army entered the swamps and hundreds were attacked and eaten by these reptiles. This was in early 1945. Allied soldiers heard the intermittent firing of guns and the cries of the soldiers as they were attacked by these crocodiles.

The swamp water crocodile is a species that is hunted, mainly for its skin. Luckily the reptile is in fair abundance and as such is not yet an endangered species. The salt water crocodile is a wonder of nature  and connects animal life with evolution. It is one of the animals with a prehistoric link. There is a salt water crocodile in the Abu Dhabi zoo and the very look of the reptile sends a chill down the spine. The saltwater crocodile lays eggs all through the year. An interesting aspect of these reptiles is that they even eat cattle in Australia when in close proximity to human habitation.

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