Dog Fences for Safety

Whether your dog is a male or female, he or she will be safe and healthy if provided with a fenced yard where to have a place to play and exercise. You can tell that your dog loves his home and is not stray. Still, all the dogs at a time in their lives would try to roam if the opportunity arises. And this impulse may grow stronger as it progresses to maturity. Your dog could find his way back home, but his disheveled state would tell a tale of trips with other escapees. It is no reflection on the amenities of home when your dog sets off for parts unknown. Dogs are sociable creatures, and like traveling in packs.

Actually, the pack instinct is something that man, with all the ruffles of domestication, hasn't succeeded in getting rid of.

There will come a time when the male dog wants a mate; the odor of a female in season would blind him to all other joys and incite him to follow her to the ends of the earth. The female could also get the wanderlust, particularly when near or actually in season.

To confine a dog correctly, a fence should be high enough that he can't jump over—the precise height depends, naturally, on his size. Since you prefer to keep your dog in and other dogs out, opt for a heavy wire fence like a woven chain link, instead of a light mesh that could be spread apart. The wire must be sunk at least six inches in the ground, and the posts driven down well below the frost line. Dogs could dig under a fence; the only way to deter them is to sink the wire into the earth or to pour a concrete wall a couple of inches thick into the ground. A diagonal mesh that hooks their feet would deter dogs from climbing, as would an overhang of about a foot, braced inwards, all over the top. The most efficient fence for the female in season is double-wired; that is, a fence inside a fence, at least a foot apart.

The gate should be strong and stiff so it can't be pried open at the bottom. Utilize a secure latch, one that can't be accidentally opened by deliverymen or by curious kids. And keep in mind that several dogs can use their paws like hands to turn a knob or lift a latch.

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